Arthur. Newborn Lifestyle.

This session is the perfect example of why I switched to newborn lifestyle sessions rather than posed. The reason is simple.

I learned to look with my heart rather than my eyes.

When I stopped looking for perfect wraps and baskets to pose newborns in I started seeing the sleepers that mom picked out months ago in anticipation of how her little one would look in it. I saw how her arms wrapped her little one better than the expensive wraps I had been buying. I stopped worrying that a tiny bit of the diaper was showing and embraced that teeny newborn Pampers stage that passes so quickly. Why not remember that?

But above all of that I saw relationships. Bonds. I saw a toddler still unsure of that squishy, pink, four week old newness everyone is calling his brother. I saw his mother reassure him that it's OK, she still loves him just as much.  I watched as Arthur's mommy soothed his fussy tummy with experienced hands. What a wonderful person and mother she is to her two boys.

I am so honored to have been able to photograph both Arthur and Bennett, now three, as newborns. And I cannot thank Lacey enough for trusting my decision to switch to lifestyle.