Ashley and Evan | Prescott Engagement Photographer

Ashely and Evan's engagement session is definitely one of my favs this year! As soon as they mentioned wanting to do their session at a local coffee shop I was excited. It's different and a bit outside of the box. For a photographer that means two things: inspiration and room to stretch creatively.  Tucked in a corner on Granite Street, Wild Iris Coffee House was perfect! The warm and inviting atmosphere with playful decor was everything we envisioned. We laughed as I dipped and ducked around love seats, tables and customers (who smiled with enthusiasm) to get the perfect shot. Anyone who was watching could see Ashley and Evan's love for each other. In the small moments between sips of their lattes and close whispers only they could hear, the rest of the cafe seemed to disappear around them.

Soon after leaving the coffee house we headed out into historic downtown to capture additional moments in the alleys and streets. I always enjoy taking couples who are from out of town to some of the places they would otherwise not have visited in Prescott. I like to look at it as a little adventure.

I can't wait for their next big adventure! The wedding day! It is going to be amazing!