Baby Alivia *Lifestlye Session*

World, meet sweet Alivia. Six weeks new and perfect in every way.

I can't describe what an honor it is to be welcomed into the home of a family with a newborn. I walk into a fresh time in a parents life. A time when every thing their precious baby does is brand new and fascinating. I remember what that was like with my own children. I could look at their tiny features for the longest time and never get bored of them… I saw that in Amanda and Dan's eyes when they looked at their daughter. I get to capture that for new parents who understand that exact feeling so completely. 

Before I leave a session I always check with mom and dad to see if there are any specific shots that they want. Amanda requested one of Alivia peeking over her daddy's shoulder. As soon as she told me that it brought me right back to a photo I have of my oldest daughter and my husband. I couldn't wait to snap that image for her. I couldn't wait to get home and edit it. I hope it brings her as much joy the one I hold so dear to my heart.