Boogers, Bath time and my Boy

My lil' man turns into a WILD man in the tub. It's his favorite time of the day. His laughter and joy at such a simple thing reminds me to also enjoy the small things in life. Reminds me to put down my phone and be present in the moment. As well as when the moment is right to pick up my camera >NOT< my phone and capture those memories. Maybe someday he'll be embarrassed. Maybe someday he'll love that I took the time to take these images. Even if he doesn't his future wife will! I adore the photos my mother-in-law gave me of my husband as a baby! I look at them and see how much our kids look like him.

This year is proving to be my busiest most successful year in business. I never want to be so busy that I forget to notice the tiny moments that mean so much to my children. Someone once told me "Listen and watch the little things when they are young and they will come to you with the big things when they are older."

I'll be here when that time comes. Heart and ears open. But for now, I'll enjoy the fact that most likely in just a few short hours he'll be covered in boogers, his dinner, or dirt from playing outside. Back in the tub he'll go and I'll be face to face with that beautiful baby boy gap toothed smile.