Choosing your wedding photographer

I can't imagine what it is like for new brides today. You are faced by so many choices while planning a wedding. With websites and apps like Pinterest at your disposal you have every idea imaginable at your fingertips! How do you even begin to choose? I've thought about this because I am one of those choices.  Browse a few wedding sites and you will read that selecting a great photographer is one of the most important decisions for your wedding day.  So how do you choose...

I've debated on writing this blog for a while and it isn't going to be what you are thinking. I'm not going to point blank tell you I am right for you. I might be. I might not be. I'm going to tell you after you do your research (make sure they are a real professional who can handle the task) simply go with your heart on this one.

Your photographer will spend a large portion of the day with you. We are the ones that are behind the scenes capturing it all. The ones that will help you relive your day. When you look at your wedding photos you will remember exactly how you felt. Your photos will be what you share with your future children and their children. That viewpoint and personality is important. Ask yourself do you click with this person? Do you adore their point of view and the quality of their craft?

I remember when I first began shooting weddings every now and then a thought would creep through my mind, "My photos don't really look like theirs." It's something that has nagged at my confidence for years. It was always followed by my husbands words of wisdom, "That is a good thing, babe."

He is right. My viewpoint and who I am as a person has fueled my fire as an business woman. It is unique to me. It's the passion behind what I do and it is the reason that I become friends with the couples I photograph.

Figure out your price point and search for photographers within that or very close to it. If you can't find anyone it may be time to reevaluate that budget. After I encourage you to actually go meet them. Grab a cup of coffee with them, sit and chat about your wedding. Dig into what makes that photographer right for your wedding. I look forward to meeting with my brides not only at the initial meeting but also again during the engagement session and again during their timeline meeting. By then we have began to know each other and because of that I am able to be on a more personal level by the time I am shooting. I know what to aim for and that look of excitement on their face because I've seen it before first hand...

This is what makes my photography valuable. It is what sets me apart. This is why I stand behind my photography and why I end up loving each of the couples I have the honor of photographing.

No matter who you choose, whether it is your florist, your hair and make up artist, your baker, or very importantly your photographer (yeah I'm a tad bias, hehe) be sure they are the right fit and you can't go wrong!