Styled Bridal Boho in the Desert

I'm so excited to finally be blogging this! Back in October of 2015 I attended a photography workshop where I had the opportunity to photograph a gorgeous desert bridal boho session. I'm not sure what had me the most excited: the breathtaking scenery, the florals or the gowns! All of it put together made my little photographer heart pitter-patter like crazy!

I have a deep love of the desert. It was amazing getting to show off my home state to other photographers that had flown in from all over the country. Sometimes I take where I live for granted. Most of those in attendance had never experienced seeing a cactus growing wild, or smelled the wet soil after a monsoon. Had never seen our giant sky as the sun sinks low on the horizon turning the desert into a dreamy pink wonderland. If you haven't either, I suggest you add it to your bucket list!

As an artist it is wonderful anytime we get the chance to learn. It helps us to grow and become better at our trade which then benefits the people it matters most... our clients. We stretch beyond our comfort zones. We try new techniques. I for one know that I am a hands on learner. I have to "do" as well as listen and watch. This allowed me to apply my style of learning perfectly.  I had the honor of meeting some of the best in the industry. I'll admit I went a bit fan-girl listening to Mary Marantz on stage. She brought us all to tears. I will never forget her words and how they filled me up. I took so much away from the Untied workshop. It inspired me beyond measure and left me eager to make great strides forward in this profession that I adore so much!

A huge thank you to the creative team involved in putting this styled bridal boho session together: Chad DiBlasio (Shoot Leader), Andy Biggs (Professional Hair Stylist), Kelly Winsniewski (Professional Make Up Artist), Stacy Childers (Professional Stylist)

Below are just a few of my favorite images...

Jennifer Rice Photography