Eckert + Barnes | Sedona Wedding Photograher

Sometimes you just grab umbrellas and get married in the rain....

Tucked away in Sedona is a hidden gem called The Butterfly Garden Inn. Flowers peek up through ivy that encircles every possible surface and tall trees reach upwards towards the tops of the canyon walls. It's in this gorgeous place that I first met Jacob and Samantha. Two of the neatest people I have had the chance to photograph! They had traveled to Arizona from Washington to be married among family and friends.

Only two minutes after we arrived a crack of thunder shook our small cabin and the sky opened up. I've seen rain on wedding days before (nearly every one this year) but this was different. Once it started, it never stopped. And thus the rain became another beautiful aspect to their day.

I can honestly say that Sam and Jacob's wedding is one that I will not forget. They decided to break from their original plan and have a first look while there was a slight lessening in the rain. I am so glad they did. Once they were in each others arms the world around them melted away. It is such an amazing moment to witness. All of the emotion from the day faded in an instant, replaced by the immense love they held for one another.

Family and friends gathered around under umbrellas for the wedding ceremony. The sound of rain was replaced by the sound of laughter. Then with the sound of cheers as Sam and Jacob said "I do." Forever his Mrs. Forever her Mr.

May you both continue to love like the sun still shines no matter what rain life might throw your way...