Jenne, Robert + pups.

Can we bring our dogs? YES! Absolutely! In fact, can I sneak your Beagle, Zoey, into my bag and take her home with me?!?!

I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed Jenne Anne and Robert's session. It was playful and laid back. Both things I love in a shoot, complete with the sweetest fur-babies to go along with it. Watching them interact with their dogs was so much fun. I even got ALL THREE pups look at the camera at the same time! >pats self on the back< Actually, as much as I'd love to pretend I'm the dog-whisperer they were very well behaved. And considering I can barely whistle... OK I can't whistle worth a darn....that made my job easy!

I'd say that was a pretty perfect way to complete an amazing year. :)