Joel + Olivia | Proposal

"Well let's cross our fingers for sunshine on Friday."  Joel said with nervous excitement in his voice while we stood under the dripping trees along Granite Creek Trail. 

"Yep. " I said while crossing my toes too. "No matter what it will be beautiful and we'll make it wonderful."

Two days later.... sunny it was. The clouds broke and for the first time in days everything fell into place perfectly just in time for Joel's surprise for Olivia. 

On their anniversary weekend Joel lined up a series of surprises for Olivia to celebrate beginning with the biggest... He was going to ask her to marry him on her favorite creekside trail. Soon after I arrived I got the text from Joel that they were on the way. Then I heard her laugh carry on the breeze. You see the thing about Olivia is she has the most amazing laugh. It's the kind that makes everyone around her fill with joy and laugh along. The kind that I can still hear while looking at these photos of the two of them. <3  I was already grinning from ear to ear when they turned the corner for Joel's gift to her of a "mini session." 

We walked the trail, stopping to take photos and to enjoy the warm light. When the moment approached it was more beautiful than I could have pictured. Joel dropped to his knee and asked her to be his wife. Honestly I have no idea what he said (I stood back to give them privacy) but I know it filled her eyes with tears of happiness and she said YES! 

I am so excited for you both. Also, honored that I had the opportunity to be there to capture such an incredible moment for you. Congrats to Olivia and Joel!!!