Kelly + Steve. Engagement

Oh Kelly and Steve do you even know how sweet the two of you are together?

I spent some time this afternoon finishing up your engagement session. It was kinda perfect. The rain outside was frigid today. The sky was gloomy. But then alas there was the beautiful light from your session. Sedona certainly didn't disappoint us.

 Snuggled in a throw and with hot cup of coffee in hand I  post processed these images. The more I looked through them the more I realized how much I love these kinds of sessions. The kind where a couple starts out really nervous. Unsure of how to "be" in front of the camera. I can hear you now, you are wondering... "Why would you love that!?!"  Because as an artist I get the opportunity to show them how gorgeous they are.  To show them what I see in those moments where they stop posing and just "be."

It fills me up and I love sharing that.