Mary + Danny | Scottsdale Engagement Photographer

Oh what do you say when your heart is so full that it brings tears to your eyes? How do you begin to express the joy you have when you see such happiness blossom in your best friend? I'm not quite sure I can put it into words but I'll try my darnedest...

You see, Mary has been my best friend since 15 years old. She is truly a unique old soul. She has a passion for life and love of helping others. I've always known that whoever she chose to spend the rest of her life with would have to be somebody equally amazing. Danny is that someone. He is strong, courageous and determined in all things in life. The way he loves Mary... oh goodness here come the tears.. it is best put simply. It is beautiful. When these two met, a light inside them came on. Then it exploded! Overflowing and lighting up so many lives around them.

The path that led them to where they are today was a hard one. Not just tough, but the kind of tough that you usually only see in movies. That is exactly what makes their story so remarkable. They persevered through long distances, extreme unforeseen health complications, as well as all the tiny day-to-day challenges that only the really strong relationships survive. It should have been no surprise that of all times, when we headed out for their engagement session a massive dust storm hit the Phoenix area. Instead of giving up, these two did what they always do. They rolled with it. After making sure we were a safe distance we hopped out of the truck and let nature create an amazing backdrop for their engagement photos. Like I said, these two are unique and so it is fitting that their session was too!

In November, Mary and Daniel will walk down the aisle of St. Mary's Basilica in Phoenix and become Husband and Wife. I cannot wait to stand beside my best friend as she marries her best friend and partner for this life and all eternity.

I love you both and I wish you so many years of happiness.