My little man.

Where does the time go? If you figure it out let me know...MmmK? I was sitting here this morning watching my little man eating Cheerios and it hit me. In just a few more months he'll be one year old. One complete trip around the sun.

He's so much fun. The happiest baby I think I have ever seen. All I need do is smile at him and his whole face smiles. Curious. He is curious and determined as the day is long. He adores his daddy and wants so badly to be a big kid like his older sisters.

Before he was born I impulsively bought a small wooden toy camera off Etsy (you can find it here: wooden camera toy)  I mean how could I resist right? When he plays with it I like to think of him as mama's little assistant. So today I scooped him and the toy camera up, plopped him on my bed and spent a few minutes taking pictures. Oh my heart.