New Year's Eve Snow

Any measurable amount of snow in Chino Valley, Arizona is cause for excitement as far as my kids are concerned. Imagine their little faces when they woke up and looked outside on New Years Eve and saw a blanket of white.

After bundling my babies up I grabbed my camera and headed outside. Once we were out back I snapped away. Loved watching my kids giddy with excitement.  My middle child, Alexis, preferred not to wear the scarf. As far as she was concerned life is better with snow in your hair.  <3 This was Philip's first time in the snow. He LOVED it! He would crack up when daddy would throw snowballs at him. But I think my favorite moment of the day happened while watching my oldest daughter Autumn. She stopped, closed her eyes, smiled and enjoyed the feeling of the big fat snowflakes kissing her cheeks. In that moment I realized I need to do that more. Pause and enjoy the moment the way we do when we are children.

I plan to do that more in 2015. I will live courageously in the moment.

from my family to yours