Stefanie + Ryan | Prescott Engagement Photographer

Sometimes all the dominos line up and two people meet who otherwise never would have crossed paths. These two have a story like that. The way they met, it was like it was meant to be and I can see why. Stefanie and Ryan seem to simply fit. Laughter comes easy to these two. They are so sweet to watch together. I think that their session gave me a pretty good glimpse into who they are and what their wedding will be like. I cannot wait. 

They decided that Watson Lake would be an amazing spot to do their engagement session. As we were hiking our way up they told me about how on their first date they walked the entire length of the trail. I adore it when locations hold a tender spot for couples in their hearts. It makes the photos just a little more meaningful.

When a huge dark cloud rolled in and the sun disappeared earlier than expected, we kept shooting. When the light faded, a different magic tiptoed out. Only the night can enchant its surroundings in the way it did. The landscape changed before our eyes and I was left with two souls standing before me creating a beauty that couldn't be predicted or planned by this light seeker. It just simply gifted a little magic for us.